[mythtv-users] PAL Xbox Front End

Dennis Cartier pvr at trigger.net
Thu Mar 25 21:45:52 EST 2004

Jon Waite wrote:

> Thanks for the help Dennis,
> Sorted out the ssh password by putting the encrypted password in
> /etc/shadow.
> Sorted out the mythfrontend not starting on Xbox issue - it was SQL
> permissions so that's all fine now.
> Also sorted out the colour problem - the screen was running in colour all
> the time (using composite video already), just that the X desktop brought up
> on the Xbox doesn't use any colour so I assumed it was running in mono...
> D'Oh!
> And a forums post in the link you posted for setting the correct timezone
> helped too to get the clock set correctly.
> Now I've just got 2 remaining problems...
> - I can set the overscan on the Xbox output using something like: xbv
> -PALBGHI -auto 640 480 0 0 which looks fine (and fills the screen), but once
> I do this watching video in Myth shows noticable jerkiness and tearing.
> Video output before I do this is fine (no tearing and no jerkiness) - but
> doesn't fill the screen. Any ideas ?
> - When I go into 'watch recordings' the list of programmes I've recorded is
> corrupt and shows apparently random bits of text such as the hostname and
> lots of "0","-5" instead of program names. This looks like a database schema
> difference caused by running a different version of Myth on the Xbox
> compared to the backend, but as far as I know both are running 0.14 (backend
> from Axel's Atrpms on Fedora Core 1, front-end using the emule 0.14-1
> release). The recorded programs list still shows fine (and works) on the
> backend so I'm a bit puzzled here.
> Also, is there any advantage in my moving to the beta 0.4 release of the
> Myth on Xbox code ? How stable is this now ?
> Regards, Jon.

To take care of the slowness after using xbv to adjust the overscan, add 
the following line after the xbv setting.

xvattr -a XV_DOUBLE_BUFFER -v 0

This will disable double buffering and restore normal frame rates. You 
may still see the occasional tearing though.

When you get messed up listings in watch recordings, it indicates a miss 
match between the frontend and backend versions. One of them is likely 
not the same version. My 0.14-1 is the normal 0.14 reissued to correct a 
missing Mythdvd.

The 0.4 BETA was hurried out to support FOCUS based Xboxes. There is no 
real advantage at the moment, it down support the LED and can run from 
NFS. I will be doing more testing on 0.4 for a few weeks before I 
consider an actual release.


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