[mythtv-users] KDE startup freeze with nvidia-graphics4363

Cecil Watson cwatson at linkline.com
Thu Mar 25 21:24:59 EST 2004


Andrea Palisca wrote:

>I'm running KDE 3.2 and Redhat 9 Fedora Core. When I updated from the
>default (installed by redhat) video drivers to nvidia-graphics4363, KDE
>stopped working: it freezes after login during the "Restoring Session"
>phase. The KDE splash-screen never goes away and the system becomes
>non-responsive (mouse works but everything else is dead).
>Any help is greatly appreciated. 
Edit the configuration file, XF86Config(I believe w/ RedHat/Fedora).  
Change the driver from nvidia to nv.  If KDE is able to start then 
perhaps a different version of the nVidia driver.


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