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Thu Mar 25 18:42:15 EST 2004

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>Subject: [mythtv-users] Re: The OfficeMax hard drives we all talked about
>Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 14:32:48 -0800
> > From: Tony Maro <tony at maro.net>
> >
> >Did anyone else buy one on a raincheck and have all the rebates rejected
> > for being outside the "rebate period"?
> >
> > I'm about to go down to OfficeMax for a refund of the HD.
>Well, I did wonder about this myself. I asked at OfficeMax when I
>picked up the rainchecked disk and they told me that the rebate period
>had been extended (of course, they also gave me the wrong month's
>rebate book, so I didn't want to necessarily take them at their word).
>Anyway I called both rebate
>companies (this was a $79.99 disk with two separate $30 rebates), explained
>the situation, and after some delay while they consulted who knows
>whom, both rebate companies said the same thing: the rebate *would* be
>honored, but they recommended that I include an explanatory letter
>along with the rebate submission detailing the exceptional
>situation. So that's what I did, along with a copy of the raincheck
>itself. I haven't been able to check the rebate status as yet.
>I haven't knowingly lost a rebate yet (except for some Kbyte memory sticks
>when I didn't notice it said only one per household, and I'd bought two),
>but I am getting pretty sick of all the paperwork involved.  Maybe I'm just
>beginning to value my time more that I used to. Must be getting old...
>I may just start to avoid buying rebated items. This week, I
>bought a KVM switch at Fry's and didn't even realise it came with a
>rebate till they gave me the form at the checkout.
>Dang. My first posting to myth-users and it's a rant...
>For those of you who like to know about these things, my mythtv system
>is running on an old HP-7975/AsusTek P4B-LA OEM Intel chipset mobo/
>2GHz P4 CPU, because that' s what was spare when I got fed up with not 
>able to predict exactly what my replaytv unit was actually going to record 
>at any time.
>I added a Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu, 512M PC2100, 450GB of disk,
>GeForce4 MX 420 and PVR-250 + AVerMedia M179 (both from ebay).
>I mostly watch recorded TV in a small mplayer window while writing
>code, so that means I almost never run mythfrontend, just mythweb and 
>mplayer, and it's very stable.
>My main regret at this point is that the TV programming in general just 
>getting any better...
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I posted the original message and I always figured that it wouldn't
be a walk in the park.  On the other hand, I heard about some
local people who went to OfficeMax, got the rain check and when
they went in to get the drive later on paid only $20 without having
to send in any rebate (and saved the tax to boot!!!!).

As always, YMMV!

-- Harry O.

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