[mythtv-users] What is a good CHEAP dvd recorder?

Boyd II, Willy wboyd at fulbright.com
Thu Mar 25 16:55:40 EST 2004

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>Subject: [mythtv-users] What is a good CHEAP dvd recorder?
>I am thinking about picking up a dvd drive so I can save some 
>of the stuff I record and I have some questions.
>1. Are all dvd recording drives supported under linux or do I 
>need to look for a specific type?
>2. What is a cheap reliable model? One that doesnt turn out 
>too many toasters.
>Thanks for your opinions!

There might be better deals now, but a few weeks ago I jumped on this:


I got the all-black one (yes, the tray is black too) for $104 shipped..
it's now $93.00.  Not bad for a 8X combo (+/-) drive.  You could get the
4X for a few bucks less... but why when you get can twice as fast?  :-)

Works fine in linux, as most should.  NEC is a solid brand and from
reviews I found, I don't expect to make many coasters (done 3 different
brands of media now, Memorex & no-name, worked fine).


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