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Mike Smith easygreenus at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 25 13:41:09 EST 2004

I've had the same problem.  I think I discovered
a bug in tcmplex.

Two solutions:

1) in export_DVD.pm, go to the line that builds the
mpeg2enc command and remove the --sequence-length
option.  Then tcmplex will give you one large .vob
file to burn to DVD.

2) If you like having the movie broken up into
30-40 minute length chapters,  keep the 
--sequence-length option and use mplex INSTEAD of
tcmplex.  On mplex,  the line will look like:

"nice -n 19 mplex -f 8 -V -S 4200  $self->{tmp_v}
$self->{tmp_a} -o $safe_outfile";

when you run nuvport and it asks you for the output
file,  you need to have %d somewhere in it.  For


mplex will create a series of files, mydvd.1.vob, 
mydvd.2.vob,  etc.

You have to check EACH segment to make sure the
audio and video are in sync.  If one segment is out
of sync,  demux and remux with an audio adjustment.
I usually use the tcmplex for this with the -D option.

>>>>>>>>>>>.Begin included file >>>>>>>>>>>

Ok, I've read thru the archives and followed what
they've said, but I have a few questions concerning
people that burn DVDs from what they capture. Let me
start this off by saying that I want to burn movies
that I capture on DVD for personal viewing and feel
that I should be able to get a 2 hour movie on a
single DVD (at least that's the goal).

The issue that I have is that when I do an nuvexport
and tell it to go to DVD format and then burn it, I
still get some choppyness/pixelation on the resultant
DVD. The original nuv file does not have this, so I'm
at wits end towards why my transcoded one does. Is
there something I can do in order to preserve the
quality of a 2 hour type movie and still have it fit
on a single DVD without any type of pixelation or

I had thought that using the DVD export in nuvexport
would result in the highest quality dvd image. I'm
just trying to figure out what I'm doing incorrectly

BTW- I'm attempting to burn the transcoded mp3 file on
my windows side using Roxio. I think it also is
attempting to do an encoding phase, but at looking at
the mp3 prior to this, I'm still seeing the same

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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