Subject: [mythtv-users] DVD authoring

Gregory J. McGee gjmcgee at
Thu Mar 25 12:04:16 EST 2004

You got it. avidemux2 generally works perfectly!
If you are using a mpeg2 encoder board, it is EXACTLY what you want.

I'm considering attempting to hack nuvexport by adding it as an export
option--That way nuvexport can act as a file manager of sorts, and
launch avidemux with the right file as the arg.

Tip (figured this out last night) Only effects std captures/sw encoded 

When mythtranscode does its magic, it corrects (mostly) the audio offset
in the rtjpeg original. (does a nice job) 

If you are loading the original rtjpeg for better video quality, it MAY
have large audio offsets.

avidemux handles this on export, but "appears" to freeze up in some
cases when doing cuts---It's just busy.(bug report filed) 

I have one recording that took 30 min per cut. It is an exception,
recorded with 0.13 IIRC.

The latest recordings I have made with myth* builds from thacs (mdk10) 
and local builds from cvs (sync 2 days ago) do not have this issue.

>Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 09:24:57 -0500
>From: "g funk" <palendrome2002 at>
>Subject: [mythtv-users] DVD authoring

>OK ok...maybe I am about to see the light.  I am not using a tuner that
>outputs mpeg2.  So all I have to do is grab Avidemux to encode from
>nuv to mpeg2PS.  Then, if I am feeling adventurous, I try to make a
>menu screen using dvdauthor.  Finally I burn my Dvd.  Is this the
>basic process?  

Gregory J. McGee <gjmcgee at>

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