[mythtv-users] Anyone compaired Pundit Svideo to PVR-350 TV out?

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Thu Mar 25 11:39:19 EST 2004

> So I'm looking around some more and find the Pundit system.  Looks nice and
> compact.  Has two PCI slots so I can put my 350 and 250 card in.

Search the archives about this.  The Pundit uses a riser card, and two
full-height cards requires a little tweaking of the case to make them
both fit (they fit fine once they're in, but there is a lip on the case
that needs to be moved out of the way while getting them in).  You may
also have (non-serious) heat issues with both of those cards, so your
machine will probably not run as quiet as the pundit normally does as
the fans spin up to compensate for both tuners.

> Does anyone know how well the Pundit's Svideo will work and what the quality
> looks like?

Works great for me on my 27" WEGA.  I don't have much to compare it to,
though.  It is, however, noticeably better than the standard RCA-style
output also on the pundit.


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