[mythtv-users] Any video card with interlaced TV out?

Jason Livingston dergibjl2-nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 25 06:20:36 EST 2004

Other than the PVR-350, which has great quality TV-out but still lacks
stability and compatibility, are there any video cards that can output
a proper interlaced TV signal to their TV output?

Apparently nVidia had promised to add this feature sometime in March,
but like many promises, it fell through with no glimmer of hope... and
ATI is even more hopeless in the linux driver department.

Can the SiS 3xx or Via CLE266 drivers do interlaced TV-out when using
XvMC for MPEG decoding? Any other chipsets I missed?

The only thing holding back my MythTV setup is the unstable nature of
the PVR-350, and the poor output quality resulting from software
deinterlacing the video and then poorly re-interlacing it in the nVidia
TV-out encoder...


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