[mythtv-users] M179 vs. PVR-250. was: ivtv firmware 2.02 or 1.9 ?

Jarod Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Thu Mar 25 01:08:01 EST 2004

On Mar 24, 2004, at 09:54, Chris Thompson wrote:

> Jarod C. Wilson (jcw at wilsonet.com) wrote:
>> No distinguishable difference between the two for me. I have a retail
>> rev2 PVR-250 and an M179 in the same box, no problem. For a secondary
>> card (or even a primary, if you have another remote control 
>> interface),
>> the M179 is a solid deal. Save the money.
> This does not seem to be a constant. I actually purchased two M179s to 
> go
> in my master backend alongside my PVR250 based on your success. My 
> results
> have not been as successful.

Ack, sorry, I didn't realize that. It should probably be noted that I 
use only the tuners in my PVR-250/M179 box. I was unaware of any major 
problems with the M179 (haven't been able to closely follow either ivtv 
or myth lists of late).

> My M179s, if fed by my RCA DirecTV boxes over SVideo, return a black 
> and
> white (But very clear) image. I get color on composite in, but very
> scratchy sound on both. One of the two has very dirty video with 
> vertical
> lines of static throughout.

The M179 in my box upstairs takes a feed from a Motorola DCT2000-series 
cable box just fine though (but composite, not SVideo). It is one of 
only two cards in the box (the other being a GF4MX, with two open slots 
between them).

> I've been posting to the ivtv list for help, and the consensus over 
> there
> on the interference issue is that the M179 cards did not have as much
> attention paid to shielding, and that M179s should be wrapped in 
> shielding
> somehow. One guy has his M179 in the very last slot and wrapped in
> shielding to good results.


> Another recommended that any IDE cables be kept well clear of M179 
> cards.

Mine are nowhere near my cards.

> Nobody has even sniffed at my black and white video problem as of yet.
> With considerable tweaking I got adequate video out of the one M179 
> over
> composite.
> It's possible that Jarod got a better card than mine, or perhaps that 
> my
> Board and/or power supply are noisier. I'm not sure, but at this 
> point, I'm
> regretting the purchase.

Huh, who knows...

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE

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