[mythtv-users] how to select a Language in mythfrontend?

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Wed Mar 24 21:52:21 EST 2004

   I am curious in general how do one add one language into MythFrontend?  A
while ago I tried to
add Chinese support by adding mythfrontend_ch.ts to i18n/i18n.pro and
i18n/translation.pro and used lupdate and translated a little bit of
mythfrontend_ch.ts to Chinese and called lrelease and make and make install.
There is no "ch" option in MythFrontend. But there is mythfrontend.qm.
Then I just gave up.  My redhat 9.0 has Chinese package installed.

    any help here?

Thanks a lot!


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> Nicole Wall wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >      I'd like to choose Japanese for mythffrontend. But there are no
> > such options in
> > setting>language (there are about 10 languages to choose).
> Anno, "Nihongo" desu ka?
> >       I installed mythtv from its source and  there is
> > mythtvfrontend_ja.ts, mythtvfrontend_ja.qm under the source's
> > directory's i18n/.
> >
> > What do I need to do ?
> Japanese support has been contributed recently and I believe
> is in 0.14 but more features have been added since such as the
> program finder can sort by kana spellings. So, the best
> support would be in current CVS.
> The language names are generally written in the native language.
> If you were in Japan would you know to choose "Eigo" or worse yet,
> the katakana characters for Eigo rather than the more familiar
> "English"? Japanese is a slight exception because not everyone has
> Kanji character sets installed so to prevent problems for everyone
> else, it is written in romanji as "Nihongo". This is not as nice as
> Kanji but should be easily recognized by those who speak Japanese.
> --  bjm


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