[mythtv-users] CLE266 kills Mythfrontend

Jon Whitear mythtv at whitear.org
Wed Mar 24 21:23:36 EST 2004


Thanks for your response....

> Try using hdparm and reconfigure your hd settings. Setting it to use DMA
> and putting it into udma4 or higher will fix the choppiness.

I have this drive set to use DMA, although it's only udma2. Does the udma
mode really make that much difference? When I try using "hdparm -d1 -X 68
/dev/hda" to set udma4, and then do a hdparm -I, it tells me that it's
still in mode 2.

> try running it as user Root. It's a flaw in the libddmpeg library afaik.

I _am_ running it as root :-(

> I still use version 2.4.25 .. I find it to run more stable with all
> patches.

Unfortuantely I couldn't get my DVB-T card to work under the 2.4.25-epia
kernel, which is why I'm using 2.6.1-epia. DVB and ALSA work well with
this, but Myth doesn't want to play!



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