[mythtv-users] Re:Re:M179 vs. PVR-250. was: ivtv firmware 2.02 or 1.9 ?

Chris Thompson ct-myth at cthompson.com
Wed Mar 24 20:59:38 EST 2004

Dennis Hand (4hands at earthlink.net) wrote:
> Not exactly sure how your getting -p 5 if you've patched the driver or using the RPM'S from ATrpms. The inputs are only -p 0 thru -p 4. If I try to go higher than 4 I'll get an error saying that it's an invalid input. Using a vanilla kernel will allow you to get inputs -p 0 thru -p 9 with an M179 or a 250,350. That same kernel with a patched IVTV driver cuts it from 10 possible inputs to 5. This is the what is in the patch if you were to open it up. Now using the rpm's from Axel, the patch has been rolled in so it autodetects the M179. If it were a PVR-250 I believe you would have the original 10 inputs.

I misspoke, the PVR250 is -p5 for composite, -p3 for composite on the M179.
I'm going to try to compile vanilla ivtv here in a second and see how that

Chris Thompson

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