[mythtv-users] Multiple, but different cards, quite long....

Martyn Weber martyn at blacksun.uk.com
Wed Mar 24 20:04:18 EST 2004

Hi, wondering if anyone can help....

Im using CVS of a couple of days ago, with a machine with the following
capture cards:-

Hauppauge PVR 350 (primary card)
Hauppauge Nova-T USB (DVB card)

Both card can be made to work, and I can watch TV on either one, the problem
is that I cant configure the channel/input/card entries in the database and
get the scheduler to work properly.

The 350 is connected via the composite to my cable tv box and is controlled
via an IR xmitter/blaster. This provides access to about 100+ channels.
The 350 connects to my TV via SVideo.

The DVB card is connected to an antenna....This provides access to the UK
Freeview channels (about 30) of which most overlap with the cable(350)
input. At present I have not entered the channels that are present on the
DVB card but not on the 350 input.

Im in the UK so am using the tv_grab_uk_rt xmltv..... I originally had just
the 350 card so setup the xmltv and run filldb,etc and everything worked.
The input was called CABLE.

Adding the DVB card I can get it to work but the scheduler plays up

1st I tried adding another card in setup for the DVB, then adding another
input source (FREEVIEW) using tv_grab_uk_rt with just the freeview channels.
Then I assigned the FREEVIEW input to the DVB card.
This works if I have different channel numbers, but then I get multiple
entries for the same channel in the EPG.

I then tried changing the FREEVIEW channums, name and callsign to match the
350 ones, (where they overlapped). This solved the epg problem, but when the
backend tries to change to channel 1 it says there is no dvb info. Im
guessing its picking up the 350 channel 1, i.e. it is not taking note of the
sourceID and tying it to the correct card. The DVB card can not be used in
this config and it can actuall segfault the backend.

Lastly Ive tried folloing the guide I found from here on how to do mythtv +
This basically did away with the FREEVIEW input, and ties the DVB to the
same input as the 350. Entering the pid stuff etc again. This works, I can
do PiP, change input source (key Y), etc. Live TV when using the DVB card
will not change channel to a channel with no DVB info, but keeps running
with the original channel. This is acceptable....although it would be better
if the program infomation on the browse channel panel only showed the vaild

However recording programs with the current scheuler causes problems.
Basically the scheduller thinks all the same channels that are on the 350
are also present on the DVB card. Therefore it often schedules programs on
the DVB card that can not be tuned to by that card. This only happend when
the 350 is in use recording another program.

I would like to make the DVB card the primary, so that the 350 is available
for live TV is a program is recording the DVB can handle. But atm I will
miss programs the dvb card cant get as the scheduler will not detect that
the dvb card can not record the program and move it to the 350.

Any help would be apprieciated. If this needs fixing, is anyone working on
it? If not anyone able to throw some pointers my way so I can have a look?



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