[mythtv-users] irxevent on startup

Scott LeBrun slebrun at scopus.vic.edu.au
Wed Mar 24 19:18:46 EST 2004

Hi Chuck.

The easiest way is to have it load before X itself. Just put it in your
rc.local startup.


>>> cferring at comcast.net 24/03/2004 5:24:16 pm >>>
I'm unable to get irxevent to start at startup. I am running mandrake
9.1 with blackbox as the window manager.  The following are in my
.xinitrc file:

xset -dpms s off &
irxevent &
mythfrontend &

the xset command works and mythfrontend starts just fine but irxevent
does not.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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