[mythtv-users] Power Con$umption

Kevin D. Snodgrass kds.mythtv at cox.net
Wed Mar 24 18:16:44 EST 2004

Rob Comstock wrote:
> I just measured the power consumed by my MythTV server and
> was suprised to find it ticking away at 175 watts (24-7 of course).

I'll be interested to see what my new machine (Athlon 2800+, 
.5GB RAM, 2 200MB Maxtors and 3 PVR-250 cards) will suck 
down.  The Kill-a-watt is waiting. :-)

> Here in California that gets pretty ugly over time. A KWh
> costs me over $0.24 so that works out to around $32 a month.

Well, you could move.  Not all states have the stupid enviro 
laws like the PRC does.  I pay < $0.065/kw in Nebraska.

> The box is a Athlon Thunderbird 1.3G running 3 ATA disk drives (all

That might be the problem.  3 drives spinning constantly 
will use a fair bit of juice.

> Does 175 w seem high to anyone else? Do other processors

Somewhat high, especially for a Tbird.  A 1GHz Tbird uses 
about 54W.  If the core voltage is the same, then your 
1.3GHz shouldn't go over 60W (guessing), if the voltage was 
dropped by AMD then it will be less than that.

> of equivelent compute power (how does a 2 gig celeron compare
> in  performance?) take less power? Have others measured the

 From what I remember Intel CPUs use a bit more power than 
an AMD for the same performance.  But I never have paid 
attention to Celerons.

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