[mythtv-users] Assorted questions from a new user

Chris Thompson ct-myth at cthompson.com
Wed Mar 24 16:50:50 EST 2004

Greg Estabrooks (greg at phaze.org) wrote:
> > I want to make my frontend diskless. I've done considerable work in this
> > area, but right now am not really satisfied with the stability of it. If
>  Out of curiousity what sort of Stability issues have you had? I've got 2 
> diskless frontends booting via an etherboot floppy and never have any 
> problem with either. Pretty easy to setup too. Except for my cat deciding 
> he wanted to chew the ethernet cable to the machine in the bedroom :)

I honestly stated that poorly. My box in general was having stability
problems that ended up being bad RAM, I had given up on net boot during my
struggles with that before I realized it was ram. When I replaced the RAM
and CPU, I already had a 10gig drive in the box that I'd actually installed
with Jarod Flavored FC1 using a separate machine. I just never went back to
trying netboot again.

My board actually has a full PXE client in it's onboard lan. What are you
using on the NFS server as an OS? I tried to use MiniMyth but I'm worried
it's not complete enough. I actually have a full copy of FC1/Jarod in my
nfsroot as well, Somewhere in between is probably better.

Chris Thompson

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