[mythtv-users] Re:M179 vs. PVR-250. was: ivtv firmware 2.02 or 1.9 ?

Chris Thompson ct-myth at cthompson.com
Wed Mar 24 14:24:45 EST 2004

Dennis Hand (4hands at earthlink.net) wrote:
> Thank God. So I'm not actually going insane. FINALLY I have an answer to 
> what is wrong with my M179. I have bugged Jarod to death on this. Thank You 
> again by the way!!!! I bought the same card as Jarod on that same auction. 
> I also am getting nothing but B&W on S-Video. Composite looks really good 
> but S-Video is what I want. On this shielding issue, how does one go about 
> shielding this card? What are the steps needed to be taken? Besides being 
> in the last slot on the board and making sure the IDE cables aren't close.

Thank me when I'm proven right :) I just got the word from the ivtv list
this morning and plan to go home tonight to play around. I've got some self
stick copper foil from a guitar shielding project that I'm going to attach
to some cardstock and use it to shield the back (non chip) side of the
card. I may also try to build a cardboard box around the card and foil it
as well, though i need to figure out what to do with cooling then, as the
M179 has a fan.

I'm also going to try to reroute my IDE cables.

For the record, I don't think this has anything to do with the B&W issue.
There are mentions of a problem with black and white on the ivtv list
archives, though they're all about people who had selected the wrong input.
I get nothing on any input except black and white on -p 0. Hopefully
someone will have an idea either here or there.

Chris Thompson

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