[mythtv-users] Partial Success with EPIA V10000/PVR350

KMF katoom at pacbell.net
Wed Mar 24 13:14:04 EST 2004


  I've had partial success with a KnoppMyth installation on
 my VIA EPIA V10000/PVR-350 combo (although I haven't done
 the hard part with TV-out yet).  Right now I'm running X on
 the VGA output and I can watch live tv and record, even use
 the remote. When I go to watch a recording the little preview
 pane plays the recording more or less properly (if a little

   However, when I try to watch the recording the display
 shows a fixed (mostly green) jumble of horizontal lines
 although the audio plays. If I *then* try to watch live TV
 I experience this same video problem with good audio.
 I can get back the ability to watch live tv only by
 restarting Fvwm (or X), merely restarting the front end
 does not help.

   How does video playback differ when the source is live TV
 from when the source is a recording?  If I run mplayer
 from the command line I get the same green screen as when
 I try to play recordings.

  In my searches I've seen references to a special EPIA frame
 buffer module, viafb, and it appears that I'm using just
 the simple VESA framebuffer (from `cat /proc/fb`). Does this
 problem sound like a frame buffer issue?

  Any ideas would be appreciated!

P.S. Sorry if this is in the archives.  I was unable to find anything
    there that fit but I'm not confident that I used the right
    combination of search words.



    katoom at pacbell.net

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