[mythtv-users] Where did i go wrong?!?! Capture Problem

Ray Olszewski ray at comarre.com
Wed Mar 24 10:22:44 EST 2004

At 08:04 AM 3/24/2004 -0500, Isaac Richards wrote:
>On Wednesday 24 March 2004 01:49 am, Jamison Ables wrote:
> > BTW mythbackend is starting on boot. Should I run "/usr/bin/test_ioctl -p
> > 5" first? I am including what i got when i ran "test_ioctl -a".
> > (output.txt) I can't see a difference from the time i set it to 5 and after
> > i try to record. Am I using the wrong imput in myth maybe? Like composite2
> > or something? Also i believe that i followed the guide exactly. It makes it
> > kinda hard b/c of the extra pvr-350 stuff. I think that maybe if it was
> > pulled out and put somewhere else it could be easier to follow. Thanks
> > again Jamison
>Err, why would you be using the 'Composite 0' input in mythtv setup and input
># 5 with test_ioctl?  The inputs are shown in the exact same order in mythtv
>as they are in the ivtv utilities.

He is (probably) using "input #5" (that is, "/usr/bin/test_ioctl -p 5") 
because that is the numerical designator for his card's working Composite 
input. Specifically, It is on mine (one of the eBay specials from eariler 
this year). But I'm not using mine in a Myth box, so I don't know what 
input value Myth wants to use for it ... that's why I suggested he use 
""/usr/bin/test_ioctl -a" to find out what input value Myth is setting the 
card to.

BTW, if I check my inputs list with "test_ioctl -n", the fifth is Tuner 0, 
the sixth Composite 4 ... so he *may* want to try telling Myth to use 
Composite 4, if Myth offers that choice. But then I don't know why "live" 
TV *does* work in the test sequence he describes.

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