[mythtv-users] Where did i go wrong?!?! Capture Problem

Ray Olszewski ray at comarre.com
Wed Mar 24 00:50:34 EST 2004

At 10:26 PM 3/23/2004 -0600, Jamison Ables wrote:
>I need help bad as noted before. I have a pvr-250 running fedora and its 
>up 2 date. Using Axel's site with apt-get. I am able 2 capture from the 
>command line. I ran mythtvsetup and I set the input 2 Composite0 and i 
>believe i tried 1 as well. I am using the composite in. After a restart i 
>open up live tv i get a blank screen no audio. If i run 
>/usr/bin/test_ioctl -p 5 I get live tv 2 work, however if i try 2 record 
>it will record a blank screen with choppy audio. I believe that the 
>command is just for the command line test capture, correct? Where did i go 
>wrong? How stupid am I? ;) Please Help Jamison
>BTW I used Jarod's guide.

OK. If hue can capture directly from the command line, then the problem is 
somewhere in the MythTV part of the setup. Did yew follow the instructions 
in section 22.1 of the Myth HowTo EXACTLY?

Yore experience with failure after a restart is a "feature" of either the 
card or the driver (I'm not sure which). I too have to run the 
"usr/bin/test_ioctl -p 5" command after a reboot to configure my ivtv card. 
So that part is normal.

Be a bit more specific about the sequence of tests. I think yore telling us 
that hew do this set of things:

1. Run "/usr/bin/test_ioctl -p 5" from the command line.

2. Start mythbackend.

3. Start mythfrontend.

4. Watch "live" TV successfully (using a connection to the card's Composite 
In port) in Myth.

5. Fail to record ("blank screen with choppy audio") in Myth.

6. Still (after step 5) can watch "live" TV successfully.

In Myth, did ewe set up default profiles for both "live" TV -AND- recording?

If I am wrong about step 6 ... after the failure in step 5, what does 
"test_ioctl -a" report about the card? How does it differ from what it 
reports right after step 1?

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