[mythtv-users] RE: pvr-350 and X TV-Out??

Brian Rook rook at homesonphones.com
Tue Mar 23 20:31:49 EST 2004

A couple of weeks ago there was a posting:

"I have gotten to the point where I can kind of get X up on the TV...but the
screen is all messed up...
I cannot actually see the login textbox when I log in...just the fedora
background (part of it).once I do log in..the windows are 'duplicated'
horizontally over the screen.

I suspect I have a v-sync/h-sync issue...anyone else have this with the
XF86Config based off of Jarods?? "

I am running into the same problem.  I am able to display the test pattern
on the TV.  I am able to run 'dd' on the tv.  When I restart X with the
XF86Config I see what looks like it might be the login screen.  Its actually
the Fedora Core logo 3 times across the screen and no login box.  If I login
blind, I can see the X desktop but only the top left quarter of the screen
and its repeated 3 times across the width of the television.  I'm using
Jarod's XF86Config, PVR-350 and NTSC TV (composite connection).  Has anyone
run into the same issue and solved this?



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