[mythtv-users] mythcommflag hanging?

Chris Siwiec csiwiec at ftdi.com
Tue Mar 23 18:15:33 EST 2004

I am having a problem with mythcommflag hanging when trying to reindex a PVR
250 mpeg2 files. Gets to 99% and then just hangs.  I am recording my
programs with myth and then I am editing out the commerials with Womble
Media 2003.  I then I send the file back to the myth system.  I cleaned out
all the db records in recordedmarkup for this show and clean out the cutlist
in the recorded table.  Then I use mythcommflag to reindex the movie but it
hangs at 99% .

I have a PVR-250 normal commercial flaging is working.
Athlon 1400
Gentoo system
Mythtv CVS 0.15.20040319-1

I downgraded my self to 0.14 and it works fine.  Can anyone look into this /
confirm it
This might have happened when alpha mpeg2 cutting was added.

I was looking at the mythcommflag changed since 0.14 but it all eludes me.

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