[mythtv-users] mySQL problems

Chris Manning kenric at lozengy.net
Tue Mar 23 12:21:26 EST 2004

I figured out what the problem was.  During the mythtvsetup, I changed the
ip addresses for the mythbackend from to it's actual ip.  So I've
gone back and changed that back to the loopback address.  So far I've had a
couple of hours of good recording.

Chris Manning

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I installed mysql from apt-get.  It should have been pretty standard.  I
disabled innodb, but that hasn't helped at all.  I'm going to try blowing
away mysql this morning and reinstalling it.  Hopefully that will clear up
the problem.


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You can disable it by adding
to your /etc/mysql/my.cnf file. This is also where you can stick the innodb
filepath as well if you do want to use it.

Did you build it from source? Most of the package versions don't enable
innodb by default, although the standard mysql source does. While the
transaction-safe capabilities might be handy in the case of sudden power
failures, there is a slight overhead associated with it. I would personally
stick with myISAM, but that may just be because I'm more familiar with it...

Nick Veitch

Shawn wrote:

> Hello,
> I am just starting with mythtv and so aren't sure what the problem you 
> described was.
> I do use mysql though.  The mysql docs say  "InnoDB provides MySQL 
> with a transaction-safe (ACID compliant) storage engine with commit, 
> rollback, and crash recovery capabilities" and "From MySQL version 4.0 
> the InnoDB storage engine is enabled by default. "
> I use 4.x but not InnoDB and have never set anything related to it and 
> it has worked just fine.  AFAIK though it shouldn't be necessary to 
> have that for mythtv.  In fact, my tables are all MyISAM.
>> Cannot initialize InnoDB as 'innodb_data_file_path' is not set.
> Anyway, the link below will explain how to deal with the InnoDB 
> aspects of mysql.  I would think you could disable it...
> see http://www.mysql.com/doc/en/InnoDB_start.html
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