[mythtv-users] PVR-250MCE for $69 SHIPPED!!

Phill Wiggin wigginp at mantech-wva.com
Tue Mar 23 09:45:23 EST 2004

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In a previous thread [$88 PVR250], this card was mentioned:

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Well, I have one of those cards that doesn't work.  The model number on
the EMI shield of my card is 32552.  The model number on the picture
posted for this item is 48432.  According to the ivtv web site, the
model numbers indicate that my non-working card is a rev 2 card, while
the card for sale is a rev 1.  That fits with the sellers statement that
"these cards are no longer being manufactured."  I ordered one.


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According to the item listing, this is the 32552 that doesn't work (at
least for David).

- --Phill

Jared Luxenberg wrote:

| Bleh, I just got in on that eBay deal for 99 shipped :(.  Are these
| the same cards?  Do they work with Myth?
| - Jared
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| http://www.z-buy.com/product.asp?item=VG-HA32552
| Ripped from FatWallet.com Same as the PVR-250 but no remote,
| includes FM radio support.
| Edgar
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