[mythtv-users] Is the 3rd time the charm???

Ray Olszewski ray at comarre.com
Tue Mar 23 00:34:00 EST 2004

At 10:15 PM 3/22/2004 -0600, randy ferrill wrote:
>OK, so far I have made 2 attempt to add a 2nd card to my Mythtv box, 1st 
>was with a wintv 401 installed trying to add the pvr-250 ... NOT ended up 
>rebuilding the box with only the pvr-250
>Flash to last weekend, family giving pressure to be able to record and 
>watch another channel.. SO back into the box with the wintv401... NOT 
>happening.. spent 2 days MYTH FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>Rebuilt box with ONLY pvr-250

Randy: I don't want to sound dismissive of your concerns. But from what you 
write, how can you possibly expect to get any advice? I went back and 
looked at your prior messages to the list. While they are not as devoid of 
content as this one, neither are they descriptive of the problems you are 
currently having in any detail at all.

Take the time to compose a message that describes in some detail what you 
are doing, how you are testing it, and what goes wrong. Don't tell us parts 
of stories about three different tries; tell us about one try and what goes 
wrong. At this point, your message is so vague that I cannot even make good 
suggestions about what details to provide ... and I imagine that vagueness 
is why others are not responding.

Be sure to include the basics: hardware, Linux distro, modules installed, 
IRQ usage. Be sure to test the cards outside Myth. With both cards present:

         can you cat from the PVR250 to a *.mpg file?
         can you use xawtv to watch television with the WinTV 401
         can you use vcr (or mencoder or ffmpeg or whatever you prefer) to 
record from the WinTV 401?

When describing failures (in Myth or outside it), be sure to report ALL 
error output. In fact, you should be running mythbackend from an xterm so 
you have  STDERR output to examine.

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