[mythtv-users] Notebook for a mythfrontend

Adam Biskobing tv at badmoon.com
Mon Mar 22 17:48:03 EST 2004

A lot of times I find that problems like this can be audio chipset
related, you may want to try the alsa drivers or the oss drivers
(whichever you currently are not using).

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> Hello
> i like to use a notebook with a Pentium III and GFX 
> Cyberblade 1i Chipset. but the porblem is that the Playback 
> or live TV is stuttering with Video an 
> Audio.
> I have tried different Bitrate an resolution for Live TV and 
> Playback without 
> success :-(
> maybe somebody can help me or give me a hint.
> by the way the notebook is connected via 100 MBit FD/TX and 
> the GFX Chipset 
> supports XV.
> Cheers
> 	Markus

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