[mythtv-users] Assorted questions from a new user

Matt R. mattr at erols.com
Mon Mar 22 15:44:38 EST 2004

Bruce Markey wrote:

> ------8<-------
> The backend controls tuner cards and is used for recording.
> It has no GUI and is needed on each machine that has one or
> more TV cards but is not needed on any machine that does not
> have a tuner.
> There is exactly one master backend that runs the scheduler
> and assigns recording tasks to other backends (if any) which
> are called slave backends. Backend are normally running all
> the time so they are ready to record and available to serve
> any files they have recorded.
> The frontend is the GUI that users use for playback. It can
> run on a computer monitor or on a TV if the computer has a
> graphics card that supports TV-out. A mythbackend may or may
> not also run on the same machine depending on if the system
> has a TV card. Any frontend can be stopped or started at any
> time with no impact on the recording schedule.
> There is no master or slave frontend but frontends are often
> referred to as local or remote indicating whether or not they
> are on the same machine that holds recorded files. Any frontend
> can play files recorded by any of the backends.
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> --  bjm

Just out of curiosity...  where did that clipping come from?  Sounds 
like a document (or a page from one) that I've either missed altogether, 
or didn't pay enough attention to.

- Matt

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