[mythtv-users] ANyone using this Case for MythtTV

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Mon Mar 22 13:45:08 EST 2004

> Hmm, this case is definatly designed to stand on it's 'side', temperature 
> wise.

Agreed here.  The bottom of the case (as a tower) is bare metal, not
like the nice cover around the rest of the case, so if you lay it on its
side, you end up with a not-so-nice-looking patch on the left side
(since you can only lay it down one way, to allow for air to get to the
CPU fan intake).

>  btw, as it does have fans, it's not really very quiet. You will soon be 
> irritated by it's high-ish noise unless you put it in a closet.

Huh?  It's incredibly quiet!  Mine sits in my living room, and I can't
hear the fan noise unless there is NO noise (meaning, the refridgerator
in the other room has to be off), or the machine is doing some encoding
or something (which causes the fans to spin up, but still MUCH quieter
than any other fan-cooled system I've ever seen).  Much worse is the
blinking blue hard drive activity light.  My wife went into the living
room one night because she thought a police car was parked outside, and
was wondering what was going on.


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