[mythtv-users] PVR-250 capture problem.

Jamison Ables mythlist at alltel.net
Mon Mar 22 13:09:03 EST 2004

I setup my box with Jarod's guide. BTW Nice work ;) I am capturing on my composite rca jack and i found that to be /usr/bin/test_ioctl -p 5. I caputre a little clip and it looks great. I switch over to mythtv and do watch live tv. It looks a little fuzzy on my monitor but other wise great. So then i go over to do a recording and i will get choppy audio and no video. If i go back to live tv it does the same thing. And then i try a test caputure out of myth no luck. I played with /usr/bin/test_ioctl -p * and inserting different numbers still nothing. Then i get back to /usr/bin/test_ioctl -p 5 everything works again. I watch live tv but as soon as i record it dies again. :( I turned dma on and that helped make the live smooth. System specs amd athlon 1200 266, pc2100 256 megs, an old crappy maxtor 17 gig 5400 rpm drive and an 88 buck pvr-250. Thanks Jamison

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