[mythtv-users] mplayer output on PVR350 and alsa sound?

John Kuhn kuhn at razorsys.com
Mon Mar 22 12:47:52 EST 2004

I could host it on mythtv.info for you... I took down the elaborate site 
i once had there.. but i could host it in simple html.. drop me a line

kuhn at razorsys.com

Steven Rubano wrote:

> Ok, I am about 98% done with my Myth box (BTW, KnoppMyth is an awesome 
> package!). There are 2 problems I am currently having, well one is a 
> problem the other is just a nuisance. The first thing:
> Where can I find the patch for mplayer that I keep reading about so 
> that I can play DVD’s through the TV out of my PVR350? Is there one 
> for XINE?
> Second “nuisance” problem:
> I am going to see if I can post this question on the KnoppMyth board 
> but I figured I’d try here since I am posting here J. When I set the 
> sound on alsa (using alsamixer), I un-mute my video “Line In” and 
> everything works awesome…I get sound. If I reboot, the setting goes 
> back to mute and I have to re-run alsamixer to un-mute it again. There 
> was a command that I ran AFTER configuring alsa sound when I was 
> building my MythTV box using Fedora, which was “/usr/sbin/alsactl 
> store”, but it does not work on the KnoppMyth build (built on Debian). 
> Does anyone know the command that is similar to this for the 
> Debian/KnoppMyth?
> I am going to put together a mini “How To” for getting Knoppmyth up 
> and running with the PVR350 TV out. I am going to list all the 
> problems that I encountered and the fixes I used to correct them. One 
> such problem was every time I brought up the OSD channel guide and I 
> scrolled through it, the entire TV Out would freeze, the box didn’t 
> freeze just the video out on the TV out port. I replaced the included 
> fb driver with a ivtvdev driver I found and made the modifications in 
> my XF86Config file to use that driver and I haven’t had a lockup since.
> If anyone is interested in this, let me know. I don’t know where I can 
> post this (I don’t have a website as of yet) but I would like to put 
> it “out there” to help other people. It will be a guide on KnoppMyth, 
> but the fixes that I found scattered on the web can be used on any 
> *NIX Myth build….I just want to compile it into one nice place. Other 
> stuff that will be in there will be on getting Lirc to work with the 
> PVR250/350 remote along with a Homebrew Transmitter to have MythTv 
> change channels, a simple fix for anyone that’s having “black screen” 
> during Live TV and so on.
> I appreciate ALL the hard work that all the developers have done on 
> MythTv, Lirc, ivtv and all the other packages required by 
> MythTv...FANTASTIC job guys!!! This HTPC software is FAR BETTER then 
> any retail package I have ever tried on WIN boxes..very high quality. 
> If this is still in its infancy stage and there are more things to 
> work on…I am dying to see the next step this is going to take! Keep up 
> the good work guys!
> Steve
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