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I have a DTC2xxx as well.  Mine does not have a serial jack in the back,
but does have what looks like a Cat-5 jack.  Is there a way to use this
Cat-5 jack for the same purpose, or am I stuck getting a different cable


> I don't know about smarter, but I have a DCT2xxx cable box. I'd suggest
> just
> trying it. Unpack dct2000serial.tar.gz and compile it. Hook up a cable,
> and
> try running the 'channel' program that was created.. It'll look for the
> cable box on any / all serial ports.
> -Scott
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> Dear people smarter than me,
> I have a DCT-2224 with firmware version 7.54. I'm also using the TV-out
> from
> the Hauppauge 350. My question is how to control this box. I've seen the
> programs in the contrib directory, which use the serial port.
> Is there any way to see if the serial port is enabled without calling and
> dealing with cable company people? Has anyone found a way to enable it
> manually?
> The other way I understand to control the cable box is to use an IR
> Blaster.
> Does the IR receiver for the 350 also act as a IR sender? Or should i
> order
> some sort of IR Blaster than connects to the serial port?
> (IR Blaster is a product, not a brand, right?) Are there any docs that
> deal
> with this?
> I apologize if this has been answered before, I have about 15 bookmarks
> dealing with DCT cable boxes, but no definitive answer for these
> questions.
> I really appreciate any responses, thanks in advance.
> Matt Hoopes
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