[mythtv-users] mplayer output on PVR350 and alsa sound?

Steven Rubano srubano at ccap.net
Mon Mar 22 10:41:00 EST 2004

Ok, I am about 98% done with my Myth box (BTW, KnoppMyth is an awesome
package!). There are 2 problems I am currently having, well one is a problem
the other is just a nuisance. The first thing:


Where can I find the patch for mplayer that I keep reading about so that I
can play DVD's through the TV out of my PVR350? Is there one for XINE?


Second "nuisance" problem:


I am going to see if I can post this question on the KnoppMyth board but I
figured I'd try here since I am posting here :-). When I set the sound on
alsa (using alsamixer), I un-mute my video "Line In" and everything works
awesome.I get sound. If I reboot, the setting goes back to mute and I have
to re-run alsamixer to un-mute it again. There was a command that I ran
AFTER configuring alsa sound when I was building my MythTV box using Fedora,
which was "/usr/sbin/alsactl store", but it does not work on the KnoppMyth
build (built on Debian). Does anyone know the command that is similar to
this for the Debian/KnoppMyth?


I am going to put together a mini "How To" for getting Knoppmyth up and
running with the PVR350 TV out. I am going to list all the problems that I
encountered and the fixes I used to correct them. One such problem was every
time I brought up the OSD channel guide and I scrolled through it, the
entire TV Out would freeze, the box didn't freeze just the video out on the
TV out port. I replaced the included fb driver with a ivtvdev driver I found
and made the modifications in my XF86Config file to use that driver and I
haven't had a lockup since.


If anyone is interested in this, let me know. I don't know where I can post
this (I don't have a website as of yet) but I would like to put it "out
there" to help other people. It will be a guide on KnoppMyth, but the fixes
that I found scattered on the web can be used on any *NIX Myth build..I just
want to compile it into one nice place. Other stuff that will be in there
will be on getting Lirc to work with the PVR250/350 remote along with a
Homebrew Transmitter to have MythTv change channels, a simple fix for anyone
that's having "black screen" during Live TV and so on.


I appreciate ALL the hard work that all the developers have done on MythTv,
Lirc, ivtv and all the other packages required by MythTv...FANTASTIC job
guys!!! This HTPC software is FAR BETTER then any retail package I have ever
tried on WIN boxes..very high quality. If this is still in its infancy stage
and there are more things to work on.I am dying to see the next step this is
going to take! Keep up the good work guys!




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