[mythtv-users] digital

David myth at dgreaves.com
Mon Mar 22 08:17:32 EST 2004

For future reference : 

You can get interoperability - but it's not the easiest thing in the 
world :)

There isn't a cat in hells chance of getting a satellite card to work 
with sky - they won't release the specs.
You can plug your sky box into a capture card (I use a PVR 350)
The problem is then :
* getting listing info (bleb and radio times seem to be OK - I only use 
bleb at the moment)
* getting MythTV to change channels on the Sky box - it has to use an IR 
transmitter - I'm building one at the moment
  (the workaround for this is to autoplay - but that's not as nice as it 
could be)

Apart from that it's fine.


Rachel Graves wrote:

>Probably been asked a million times before! But since I couldn't find a list
>archive im going to ask...
>UK Sky Digital & Mythth
>Anyway of getting thek intercompatible? Any Sky digital tv tuners or
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