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Simon Lundell simon at ida.his.se
Mon Mar 22 07:16:30 EST 2004

I had to add -lXinerama someware to make it compile.

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Op vrijdag 19 maart 2004 16:16, schreef Stephen Atkins:
> Hello all.  I'm having trouble getting MythDVD installed on my Gentoo 
> system.  It's exiting with an error about Xinarama.  Does anyone have 
> any hints.  I can't seem to find anything in the archives.  Other than

> that everything is working great.

Well, most probably you have Xinerama in your USE flags without you
using it 
(aka having it compiled into the xfree package)?

Xinerama is a system for having to independant views of your desktop
via multi-head graphical cards. btw, on most cards it's faster use a
framebuffer approach where you 'glue' 2 screens together and display one
on screen1 and the other on screen2. I don't know how that's handled in 
mythtv though.

	Henk Poley <><
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