[mythtv-users] Re: DVB no-signal behavior

Ville Vehvilainen buddha at cs.tut.fi
Mon Mar 22 06:05:09 EST 2004

On Sun, 21 Mar 2004, Ville Vehvilainen wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm using MythTV with the TechnoTrend DVB-C card. In my area there are
> some DVB channels that do not broadcast continuosly, only having a signal
> when there is some actual programming underway. When trying to tune to one
> of these channels when there is no signal I get the following behavior:


> The frontend does not cope well with this situation. It does not accept
> any keyboard input during the tuning attempt, and eventually returns to
> the menu. Subsequent attempts to watch liveTV result in the same behavior.

Following up on my own post here - this ought to be a reply to Brian May's
DVB issue list, but my mailserver barfed and ate a couple days' worth of

In short: the "no-signal" behaviour also seems to appear in cases when the
channel is encrypted. We have here a couple of channels that show free
content most of the time, but occasionally have encrypted shows. My
TechnoTrend DVB-C card does not have any support for a CAM and thus can
_never_ decrypt those shows, so the responsibility for gracefully
handling those situations _must_ be on the application.

In these cases I have two options: hack the database to force Myth to tune
to another channel, or wait until the encrypted program ends. Both options
are very cumbersome and tend to have a really negative effect on the GAF.

This may well be (partially) a DVB driver issue; however, since MythTV is
already known to cope rather badly with unexpected data I'm inclined to
believe this is a Myth problem.

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