[mythtv-users] 88 dollar PVR250

Örn Hansen orn.hansen at swipnet.se
Mon Mar 22 02:33:45 EST 2004

söndag 21 mars 2004 20:57 skrev Henk Poley:
> I think a European electronic market could be a hit if you play it
> correctly. Aka, get banks, escrow-, and parcel-services to cooperate, good
> site, good servers, and not to forget good mounth-to-mouth 'advertisement'.
> First advertise is 'euregeons', the country border lines so people get to
> know what's on the 'other side'.
> A problem that might keep bugging you is the different languages...

  It's the same situation here, we got a few domestic sites ... but we just 
don't seem to be able to get anything going under ".eu", weather it's a mars 
exploration or something else.  And I don't think the language is a problem, 
because we can always have the site in a couple of languages there certainly 
are enough resources within the european community to pull that off.

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