[mythtv-users] rca.pl channel changer with new command set..

Kevin J. Slater kslater at pobox.com
Sun Mar 21 21:01:58 EST 2004

Hey all,

I decided to upgrade my ancient RCA DirecTV receiver with one that could 
actually do Dolby surround (since we watch a lot of ppv movies). Well 
doing that broke my rca.pl script that I use to change channels. I found 
a note in the list archives about needing to use the sony.pl script on 
Tarek's website. That didn't work either. Some googling turned up a few 
hits on the changes to the command set in the later RCA receivers. I've 
incorporated that and put the script in my public_html directory. If you 
need it, you can retrieve it at:


I'm sure it will work with other new receivers, but just in case I named 
it for my model number. Hope it helps someone else out. This project has 
helped me catch a lot of shows we'd miss otherwise. (And I've been able 
to skip a whole bunch of commercials in the process.)


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