[mythtv-users] Any difference which MX440 card I get?

Darren Richards darren.richards at cox.net
Sun Mar 21 16:47:09 EST 2004

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Subject: [mythtv-users] Any difference which MX440 card I get?

> I'm currently using a PVR-350 for TV out but would like to switch to a
> type solution so I can play back DVDs too.  I was browsing www.newegg.com
> tonight and I see Chaintech and PNY brand cards with MX440.  Is there any
> difference or reason to choose one over the other?
> These are the two I'm looking at:
> and
> The Chaintech's are only $44 and the PNY is $76.  Is this a case of "you
> what you paid for"?  Will one have a better TV out over the other?
> Thanks guys
> Malcolm

I was in the same situation.  I was using the pvr-350 tv-out, and decided to
go with an MX440 for the additional functionality and stability.  I went
with the Chaintech version from newegg.com.  It was the single best purchase
I've made so far for my myth system.  Not only can I play DVD's now, but my
system is actually stable enough now for the wife to use.  No more crashes,
no more truncated recordings, etc, etc...  And the difference in picture
quality is negligible.  Actually, now that I've done all the requisite
tweaking (which I didn't do with the 350), I think the TV out quality is
actually better now...

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