[mythtv-users] controlling cable box

hoopes nospam at webmayhem.net
Sun Mar 21 16:15:05 EST 2004

Dear people smarter than me,

I have a DCT-2224 with firmware version 7.54. I'm also using the TV-out 
from the Hauppauge 350. My question is how to control this box. I've 
seen the programs in the contrib directory, which use the serial port. 
Is there any way to see if the serial port is enabled without calling 
and dealing with cable company people? Has anyone found a way to enable 
it manually?

The other way I understand to control the cable box is to use an IR 
Blaster. Does the IR receiver for the 350 also act as a IR sender? Or 
should i order some sort of IR Blaster than connects to the serial port? 
(IR Blaster is a product, not a brand, right?) Are there any docs that 
deal with this?

I apologize if this has been answered before, I have about 15 bookmarks 
dealing with DCT cable boxes, but no definitive answer for these questions.

I really appreciate any responses, thanks in advance.

Matt Hoopes

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