[mythtv-users] Running MythMusic without visualizations

Jason Giddens jgiddens at nyc.rr.com
Sun Mar 21 12:27:57 EST 2004


Thanks!  That solved my problem.  Of course when I went to change the value,
THAT'S when I noticed the help message at the bottom that explained that.

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Jason Giddens wrote:
> Hello,
> I have asked this question before, but to no avail.  I would like to run
> Mythmusic without any visualization at all, including blank screen.  I
> it to leave the song name, etc up on the screen.

Not quite sure what you mean... do you mean you want the mythmusic 
playback interface to remain on the screen?  If it's automatically being 
replaced by the visualization screen, try changing the setting 
"Visualization Delay" (or something like that) to '0' (which disables 
automatic fullscreen visualizations).
> Also, how do I get album art to display correctly in MythMusic.  All my
> files are tagged with their respective album covers whenever they are
> on my Windows box, but not in Myth.  They are the exact same files (I run
> them from a separate file server) but no art in Myth.

MythMusic doesn't use tag information for cover art... it looks in the 
directory containing the track it's currently playing for a "folder.jpg" 
file, AFAIK.


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