[mythtv-users] Any difference which MX440 card I get?

David Lyons djlyons1 at cox.net
Sat Mar 20 22:22:39 EST 2004

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>From: "Jarod C. Wilson" <jcw at wilsonet.com>
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>Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Any difference which MX440 card I get?
>Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 12:15:47 -0800
>On Mar 19, 2004, at 22:11, malcolm wrote:
>>I'm currently using a PVR-350 for TV out but would like to switch to a

>>type solution so I can play back DVDs too.  I was browsing
>>tonight and I see Chaintech and PNY brand cards with MX440.  Is there
>>difference or reason to choose one over the other?
>>These are the two I'm looking at:
>>The Chaintech's are only $44 and the PNY is $76.  Is this a case of
>>what you paid for"?  Will one have a better TV out over the other?
>I have three Chaintechs and two PNYs, no problem with any of them. Some

>cards use slightly different TV-Out encoders, but I've never had a
>with either of those brands. That being the case, I'd save some  $ and
>the Chaintech.
>Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
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Another reason to go with the Chaintech is that it is the retail
version and the PNY is the OEM version.  I have the 4x PNY
card, but I trust Jarod when he says the Chaintech is equally
as good.  I have had no problems with mine.

You may just want to call up Chaintech and verify that the
card has the nVidia tv-out chip.  To my knowledge, this is the
only chip supported for tv-out that allows you to set overscan
(using the 4363 nVidia driver).  If you need tv-out (svideo or
composite) you will need to make sure that setting overscan
is supported.  I cannot be absolutely sure, but I believe Jarod
does not use tv-out, so he may not have any problems in that
regard. (correct me if I am wrong Jarod)


-- Harry O.

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Since Jarod has both types of cards and does not see a difference, and
because his guide is excellent and helped me setup my system. He has
much more experience with mythtv then I do.

I am going to defer to him about the video quality of both cards.

It is time to start counting my losses for purchasing the PNY card.  

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