[mythtv-users] 88 dollar PVR250

Jeff Mottishaw jmot at mottie.com
Sat Mar 20 18:52:00 EST 2004

Don't believe you actually have to declare the value down if you are getting
it sent as a "gift". I believe the only time you mark the value down is when
you're having it shipped as a purchase and want to save on duty.  

Have never heard any complaints in the past, and you can purchase insurance
on a gift.. 

Just get it shipped clearly marked as a gift (make sure you talk to the
seller about this first), make sure it is shipped with a personal account,
not a business, and purchase insurance.. 

I've never tried it, but I know quite a few people that swear by it.



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> Yeah, people who don't ship to canada suck.. They charge way too much for
> shipping to canada in the first place.. So they make more money, I don't
> a problem there..
> And if they are worried about receipts etc.. Just ship it as a gift and
> the value as $15 or something.. Does both sides a favour..
> jeff

That works great Jeff except if the package got lost, then the declared
value is only $15 , does not work well in the sellers favor at all.

If he does ship to canada DO NO BT ANY MEANS have him ship via UPS, you will
get screwed..and might as well buy the product in Canada. (I bought a $10
ballast (normally goes for $50us), the 1st one got lostm guy then ships
viaUPS (shipping was more, and put me over a certain limit, UPS charged
almost as much as Ballast, shipping and GST I saved a whopping $5 when was
all said and done..  UPS  is a RIP off..

Sorry for my rant, but have to warn people :)


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