[mythtv-users] Commercial releases of MythTV?

Brian May bam at snoopy.apana.org.au
Sat Mar 20 05:00:31 EST 2004

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Jamieson <ajd1 at optusnet.com.au> writes:

    >> In Australia, you can get XMLTV data, but it lacks details
    >> (unless you don't mind 1200+ hits on the remote server...) and
    >> accuracy. The servers were simply not designed for
    >> non-interactive downloading of the entire program guide for the
    >> week.

    Andrew> Our guide has detail information, so you'll get that as
    Andrew> soon as the grabber is integrated into myth proper.

Great! Is there anywhere I can get a copy of the grabber for now?

    >> As a work around for some of the problems, I have tried using
    >> manual recoding, so I can record a number of programs as
    >> "one". This prevents having to work out start/stop times for
    >> each one, which are prone to be wrong anyway. However, I
    >> haven't been able to work out how to tell MythTV "record from
    >> xx:xx to yy:yy every weekday", instead it appears I must
    >> manually configure it for each day(?).  --

    Andrew> In the advanced recording menu (press 'i' twice in the EPG
    Andrew> - I think :) you can set a minutes before / after for the
    Andrew> recording.  I like to use 15 mins for Aus, for the very
    Andrew> reasons you talk about.  If you want to record a whole
    Andrew> block of programs every X night, just set the first one to
    Andrew> record as per the recording profile that suits, and then
    Andrew> add 60/120/180 minutes after to get the rest.

Hmmm... I have considered this... It requires at least one program be
constant for every week day, this isn't always the case, eg. Dr Who
isn't on Friday.

    Andrew> Also, someone mentioned instant recording (in another
    Andrew> thread?).  We're looking into this, but an easy work
    Andrew> around at the moment is EPG - record from Live TV (ie 'm'
    Andrew> and 'r' - again I think).  This will commence recording
    Andrew> the program you are watching.  Pressing 'm' again will
    Andrew> take you back to the recording.

With MythTV 0.14, if I push r, it starts recording, but it
automatically stops recording when the TV guide says the program
should finish. I haven't been able to stop recording on request (not
absolutely sure I have tried M, I think I have).
Brian May <bam at snoopy.apana.org.au>

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