[mythtv-users] Near the end of Jarod HOWTO with partition problem

Maarten van den Berg mythtv at ultratux.org
Sat Mar 20 02:56:24 EST 2004

On Saturday 20 March 2004 04:25, Matthew Bair wrote:
> All,
> [sorry, mistakenly sent last email unfinished.]
> This isn't Mythtv-related, but has everything to do with my being a
> Linux newbie...at least as far as fdisk, partitions, and LVM go.  I
> followed Jarod's HOWTO with success up till I try to run the mtyhbackend
> and it fails due to...my /video mount is not present!

Here ya go... manual mount:
	mount  /dev/hda5  /var/video
You can verify with the command df if it did what it supposed to.

This will not work if you didn't format it, but not to worry; mount will tell 
you about that (or other errors).

Automatic mount works through fstab, so let's skip to that...

> # cat /etc/fstab
> LABEL=/      /         ext3    defaults        1 1
> LABEL=/boot  /boot     ext3    defaults        1 2
> None         /dev/pts  devpts  gid=5,mode=620  0 0
> None         /proc     proc    defaults        0 0
> None         /dev/shm  tmpfs   defaults        0 0
> /dev/hda3    swap      swap    defaults        0 0

Without changing the other lines, add a line that reads:

/dev/hda5   /var/video   xfs   defaults   1  2 

This will mount your partition automatically at boot.
Note that I have no XFS experience, I'm a reiserfs guy.
But this shouldn't make a difference.

> For all my reading, I can't determine what is wrong i.e. what to fix.
> The original Fedora install app provided me the opportunity to create a
> "fourth" partition mounted to /video that would take the remaining
> space.  But although I can see /dev/hda5, I can't add an entry to
> /etc/fstab that allows me to 'mount /video'.  Also note that I did
> reformat hda5 to XFS.
> Thanks,
> Matt
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