[mythtv-users] feature wishlist

Preston Crow pc-mythtv04 at crowcastle.net
Fri Mar 19 23:43:34 EST 2004

>  * High level recording directives: "from now on, record anything
>    with Chevy Chase in it" etc, what would catch anything from
>    interviews on talkshows (should turn up in XMLTV), or movies
>    (IMDB as source).

This is what ReplayTV calls "theme" recording.  It's essentially a
saved-search.  You tell it what to search for, and where to search (show
title, episode title, descriptions, and/or cast).  We have our ReplayTV
set to search on "shakespeare," which picks up some junk, but also
records all the various movie versions of the plays.  We also use this
to have it search for shows that aren't currently airing, but we want to
record if they ever show up (like "Space 1999" and "Doctor Who").

>  * I like to play C64 and Amiga emulatorgames once in a while. This
>    would be a good addition to mythgame. Perhaps using xmess, as
>    xmame is already there.

Yes, MythGame currently has support for a default set of emulators. 
What would be nice is to have the first setup screen for MythGame ask
you to select which emulators you want to support.  The list would have
a checkbox for each of the currently-supported ones, and have an option
for defining a new category (xmess, atari800, or whatnot).  About all
you would have to do is provide a working directory, command line, and
define the file extensions to scan for.


You didn't mention it, but I would like to see MythNews have an option
to open any given story in MythBrowser.


MythMail would be cool.  Just define a set of POP3 and IMAP servers, and
Myth will check each one and display the number of unread messages in
the mailbox.  Perhaps launch MythBrowser using mail2web.com or something
like that to read the mail (until some real mail application can be
integrated into the module).

Eventually once I get all the things that are supposed to work already
correctly configured on my system, I'll start playing with implementing
my wish list, but it's a lot easier to come up with ideas than it is to
find time to implement them.


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