[mythtv-users] Commercial releases of MythTV?

Írn Hansen orn.hansen at swipnet.se
Fri Mar 19 19:29:26 EST 2004

fredag 19 mars 2004 10:15 skrev Simon Kenyon:
> and another thing
> if i can get my boxes set up this way - i will joing them in selling it
> so maybe i'm not contributing much (very little in fact)
> but i must spend about 1-2 hours a day on myth - fiddling; trying to get it
> to work to a level that i *could* sell it
  The project is superb, there is one bug I've found and one showstopper.  The 
bug is, that when I type R to record a live TV.  It will start recording, but 
pressing R again, won't stop recording.

  The showstopper, is XMLTV.  I'm in sweden, and the latest tv_grab_sn was 
sabotaged by the tv guide provider site, and the newest grabber is also 
seemingly getting sabotage as well.  Why, the given sites are sabotaging 
this, is just as much your guess as mine... but the deliberate action of 
stopping xmltv from getting the tv guide, is a fact.  And while MythTV relies 
on such mechanism ... it's a showstopper.  The only solution, if one intends 
to sell a ready made Linux box with MythTV on it, is to create a site that is 
updated daily with the given program guides and let MythTV download from 
there.  In this way, there is no sabotage taking place...

> when was the last time you paid linus?
  I buy SuSE distribution, and let them worry about the details.  That's also 
how I see it, percentage of sales being donated to the founders.

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