[mythtv-users] Problem with mpeg4 and myth internal player

mythtv at prmckinney.com mythtv at prmckinney.com
Fri Mar 19 18:29:31 EST 2004

>>Not sure how to get a backtrace since mythtv itself isn't crashing.  The
>>Internal player just dumps me back out to the menu.  Sorry if this is
>>obvious... I've never really used gdb.  Also I forgot the mention earlier
>>that there are no obvious errors being printed by mythfrontend... here is
>>the log.
> Ahhh, well if it's not actually crashing then there's nothing to get
> backtrace off...  You might try searching the archives for information
> on rebuilding the recorded markup table, that may be the only real
> problem.

So I've rebuilt the recorded markup table using mythcommflag, but it only
adds records for the blank frames, it doesn't add any records for the
keyframes (type 7).  Does anyone know if this matters for seeking?

I figured out why MythTV is reporting my video at over 6 hours when it is
only 23 minutes long.  When the file gets opened by avformatdecoder it
doesn't get a bitrate for the video.  So it thinks the total bitrate is
128kbs (which is only the bitrate of the audio).  So it thinks there are
~500k frames instead of ~40k frames.  But I don't know if this matters...
does MythTV actually care how many frames are in the video when seeking?

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