[mythtv-users] Commercial releases of MythTV?

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Fri Mar 19 12:43:19 EST 2004

the code *is* on their web site
download the iso image and either mount it with loopback or (like me) 
burn the cd and mount it.
contained is a tar.gz with all the code (including their internet update 

steve at nexusuk.org wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Mar 2004, Aaron Stewart wrote:
> >I haven't read the GPL in a while.. Shouldn't they also be contributing
> >back? According to their manual, the only way you can get their
> >"modified" source code is to pull it off the box directly, indicating
> >that it isn't freely available, no?
> If they modify the code, they are required to make it freely available
> under GPL.  Of course they may not have modified the code - they might be
> running a vanilla version of Myth.  One thing they have obviously done is
> developed their own theme, which (IMHO) would be considered derived work
> and so also required to be released under GPL.


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