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Stephen Atkins atkinss at telusplanet.net
Fri Mar 19 12:13:00 EST 2004

Thanks alot Chris.  I've been beating my head against the wall for a couple
of weeks on this one.  I'm also emerging all the programs that where
mentioned at the beginning.  I'm wondering if this is what is not allowing
me to rip a dvd inot ogg or avi format (using dvd::rip).  Currently it will
only allow mpeg.

atkinss at telusplanet.net

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>> Hello all.  I'm having trouble getting MythDVD installed on my Gentoo
>> system.  It's exiting with an error about Xinarama.  Does anyone have any
>> hints.  I can't seem to find anything in the archives.  Other than that
>> everything is working great.

I had the same error, and posted a quick-fix on how to get it to compile a
See the archive:

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