[mythtv-users] Some questions before I breakout the Mastercard

Kevin D. Snodgrass kds.mythtv at cox.net
Fri Mar 19 07:59:32 EST 2004

Jarod C. Wilson wrote:
>> I did a lot of research yesterday and today.  I kinda like the DFI 
>> NF2  Ultra:
>> http://www.dfi.com.tw/Product/xx_product_spec_details_r_us.jsp? 
> Looks like a pretty decent board, but I *think* (not certain) that the  
> nVidia SoundStorm audio chipset isn't yet supported under Linux.

I'm now reconsidering this.  See my message about the 
MediaMVP.  If that will work as a frontend, or an XBox, I'm 
seriously thinking about that angle...

> Very true. I have to admit that most of my servers are actually either  
> Red Hat Linux 7.3 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, though if you'd call a  
> MythTV system a server, then I guess I have two Fedora Core servers  
> also. ;-)

It "serves" up recorded video.  It stores lots of mission 
critical data. :-P  It can allow multiple client access to 
that data.  Runs an SQL server.  24/7 operation.  Sounds 
like a server to me!

> Anybody else see Cisco's web site down earlier this week? Their error  
> pages said "apache 1.0"...

6:04AM Central time it works for me.

>> OK.  I'll just get a single BIG PATA drive.  Maybe use one of my old  
>> 3-9 GB drives for an install drive and the big one for the data files.
> I'm using a 250GB WD Special Ed (8MB cache) drive that I got for about  
> $120 after rebates. Couldn't be happier with it.

That's cheap!

>> I nothing essentially nothing about DVD formats.  Will standard  
>> consumer DVD players play MPEG4?
> Yes and no. Many of them are starting to, but not all. And then not all  
> mpeg4 formats are supported... :-\

I love standards.  So many to choose from...

>>> So you may be gravy with just a PVR-350 for output.
>> If it works for me.  I keep reading about problems...
> True. I pulled mine out of production because of instability issues. I  
> haven't gotten around to trying the new X driver though, which is  
> supposed to drastically improve things.

I think I'll hold off ordering the 350, at least until I 
decide on what to use for play back.

> My Tyan Thunder K7 board has 6x 64-bit PCI slots, AGP 4x and onboard  
> ATi video... But yeah, no onboard TV-Out...

Tyan makes some rocking dualies.

>> Or trying the XBox thing.
> Ah yes, or that. I always forget about that option.
>> Not being a gamer I almost never read ANYTHING about XBox.  Solding  
>> iron needed?
> You do need a mod-chip, I believe, but I'm not certain, and I can't  
> recall if there are any that don't require soldering.

Anybody on this list know for sure?  Where else should I ask?

>> MWave.com has an XBox for about $170 right now, much cheaper than  
>> building a dedicated PC for frontend/playback.  No fan noise either.
> My XBox is actually sort of on the loud side, if you ask me (though  
> mostly when the DVD drive is in operation). I think an EPIA would be  
> quieter (but considerably more $).

DVD won't get used much if at all.

> Yes, no putting the cart before all the horses, or something like that.  
> I've got Ethernet cabling all over the house now...

If I ever get enough computers to utilize all the networking 
gear I have in my spare room (and my living room) I'll need 
the electric company out to increase my main line. :-P  AC 
would need a major upgrade, too.

>>> Stereotypical die-hard Canadian hockey fan, are ya? I'm *almost* 
>>> that  way about baseball, but not quite. ;-)
>> I am most definitely NOT Canadian!  Lived most of my life in Nebraska.
> D'oh, just made the connection with the email you sent me off-list. ;-)
> Just assumed from the "I'll be up somewhere-or-another in Canada  
> fishing" that you were actually from Canada....

No, the "up somewhere-or-another in Canada" is almost 1300 
miles UP in Canada.  I'm really wishing I had a pilot's 
license right now...

>> Hockey and football the the best games to watch
> College football, anyhow. I don't care much for pro football...  
> (spoiled twits)

They are getting that way.  Not near as bad as the NBA 
though.  One of the big reasons I like hockey.  If a hockey 
player acts like some basketball or football players (like, 
say, Terrell Owens) they will be picking up their chiclets 
off the ice.

>> baseball and foosball the best best to play.
> The two that I played religiously. I still watch every Mariners game I  
> can though (but usually in the background, because yes, baseball is a  
> tad... slow... at times).

Still play foos?  I watch selected baseball.  Generally 
games with Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Kerry Wood, or Greg 

>> And yes, the Huskers will rule college football again.  5  
>> championships in 25 years and more to come!
> Born and raised in Seattle... Go Huskies! =)

Glad to see UW got a brain and canned Skippy (a.k.a. Rick 
Neuheisel).  Colorado is still poisoned from his time there.

> (What is the deal with that Husker mascot? And unis that haven't been  
> updated since Eisenhower was in office... ;-)

Which mascot?  ('Lil Red or Herby Husker)  And what's the 
real question about him?  We changed uniforms several times 
in the last 35 years.  They just don't get too crazy.  The 
locals don't like flashy stuff.  Not sure how this new coach 
and his "West Coast Offense" is going to work out here.  We 
like our Corn Fed offensive linemen. :-)  (OK, _I_ like 
them, because I was one!)

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